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Tsoveca Holiday Resort – Mozambique

Own your own slice of paradise. This lovely resort provides easy access to fishing, diving and sailing in the San Martino Lagoon or open ocean. This lagoon is the only lagoon with ocean access in the GASA province. The resort can be reached with any vehicle with little more ground clearance than grandpa’s golf cart. However to enjoying all the unique untouched spots however needs a 4*4.


The resort is currently in the construction phase, but already have 3 units completed. The end state will have 12 units and restaurant with pool. 3 and 4 star units is available to buy, or rent. Complete units or fractional ownership is available.

The first units easily reached 3 star rating.

The next 2 units are close to completion, making 5 units in total. Units are for rent or buy. Fractional ownerships is also possible. Each unit sleeps 8 people.

Contact us to arrange your stay in paradise on 082 379 3473 or e-mail zendawiid123@gmail.com.