SPECIAL OFFER: DISCOUNT ON ACCOMMODATION – Midweek: Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday @ 15% Discount – Outside hunting season: 15 October – 15 April @ 7.5% Discount
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Price List

2018 Rugania Game Park Bow & Rifle Hunting & Accommodation Price Lists

Pricelist (VAT Inclusive | SA Rand)

Please note the below rules, additional pricing and game drive information:

Additional Pricing:
*Price is calculated according to horn length or per kg – which ever is the most
*The reduced amount is payable for a warthog / impala / Blesbuck should any of the mentioned species be shot with any other species not mentioned on the same day
•Price of animals with special looks/features and that has a general higher value in the market, must first be negotiated prior to the hunt
•There will be an additional levy of 25% on pregnant animals or animals with calves
•A 10% discount will be granted on animals in noticeable bad condition
•The FULL amount is payable for wounded animals, even if the animal is not found.  Price as listed under Category “D” is applicable
•R1000 fine per person will be levied if hide rules are not adhered to
•Guinea fowl, partridge, pheasant, vervet monkey can be hunted @ R200 each

Important Rules
•Measurement of horn length – if category indicates smaller than ie 22″, it does not include 22″
•Measurement of horn length – longest horn as per Roland Ward procedure
•Hunters will be dropped off at the hides, and collected only 2 x per day by farm personnel
•Rifle hunting will only be available on a dedicated area on Rugania.  Please confirm approved areas with Rugania management•No hunter or visitor may drive on the farm without prior approval from Rugania management
•When making use of lapa facility provide own generator

Game Drives (Open vehicles):
•CRUISER: R270 per hour. A minimum fee of R540 payable.  A maximum of 10 people allowed.
•UNIMOG: A minimum of 6 people @ R720 per hour.  Additional 120 per person with a maximum of 20 people allowed.