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Rugania is a 4000ha malaria free Game Park in the North West Province of South Africa with a unique topography of floating hills covered with evergreen plants and trees. The Selons River that runs through the centre of the Game Park creates a stretched gorge that not only provides protection, but also alternative vegetation, allowing it to host a large variety of South African game species.


The plants, bird and wildlife are all part of an Eco-system that is conserved and honoured by sustainable utilisation principles, creating a unique sight-seeing opportunity for all to experience and enjoy.


Alternative concepts of sustainable utilisation are also practised. The annual increase of the animal population requires a well calculated balance between the capacity of the vegetation and the needs of the large


variety of South African Game Species to be carefully maintained. Therefore passive capturing of live animals as well as the most ecotourism friendly way of hunting is practised in a responsible way.